Same Home Page but with a new look intended to keep Avon Trail hikers informed. More buttons. Not the ones you wear, the ones you push.

The Before You Hike  button gives you access to information vital to hiking on the Avon Trail. What is the current status of Tuesday Morning Rambles? When walking the Avon Trail, what rules and codes should I follow? Are there short hike trails near Stratford?

Use the Re-Routes button to keep informed of re-routes in place on the 127km Avon Trail. These re-routes are more current than either Edition 8.0 or ONDAGO.

Trail App button lets you download the Avon Trail online app using ONDAGO. This portable application runs on mobile phones and tablets. It complements the Avon Trail Edition 8.0 paper guide.

Trail Guide button takes you to the Avon Trail Store where you can order the full Avon Trail Edition 8.0 paper guide. Why do you want this if you have a digital map? For the greater details provided with seven laminated, glossy, foldout maps showing the complete trail from St Marys to Conestgo (as well as the Stratford Side Trail map). You get full listing of parking locations for each of the 65 trail entrance points on the main trail and five recommended parking locations for the Stratford side trail. Turn over each map to read a detailed description of each trail section.  This is truly a great hiking resource.

Find the Highlights section and the Recent Articles Section below these buttons. Information in these sections continues to change as conditions and news change. Don’t miss  the banner footer buttons either –  one to get the Avon Trail app and one to get the Edition 8.0 Avon Trail Guide Book, in case you missed it.

Tom Kimber – Newsletter Editor

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