COVID-19 and its impact on the health of everyone is the main story of 2020. Avon Trail continues to follow the guidance of health professionals as it has since this pandemic first struck. This Tuesday, November 17 at 7:00 pm,  Avon Trail President Jane Foster will host a virtual Avon Trail Annual General Meeting using ZOOM. 

Everyone is encouraged to join the meeting. (New to the world of virtual meetings? Click here for tips on using ZOOM). Hike Ontario President Terri LeRoux will be the guest speaker. “The Impact of COVID-19 on our Trails” is the title of her talk.

The AGENDA is ready (click here to read). All reports will be available to be reviewed on the Avon Trail website before the meeting. To attend the virtual meeting, you will need a link to the forum. Please contact  to receive the electronic link invitation.