Trailhead 56.2 off Line 37

This is a story in the series of “Trail Sections along the Avon Trail”.

Trailhead 56.2  (heading northeast)

Before you begin, ensure you know the trailheads’ location and safe parking spots. Get your ONDAGO mobile map or hardcopy Avon Trail Guide Book.

Lynn River Market Farm along Line 37 just west of Trailhead 56.2 is a shop featuring fresh produce and frozen ready-to-cook meals. On days the Farm shop is open, let them know you are hiking the Avon Trail. They allow four spots for Avon Trail hikers. Do not obstruct customer parking. When parked at  this location, you add 1 kilometer to your in and out hike, 500 meters to the trail head and 500 meters on your return.

Head west along Line 37, about  500 meters. Cross the road and enter the trailhead by climbing over a stile. Follow the white blazes as you wind northeast to a cedar bush entrance. The path meanders along a boardwalk in a northwest direction. The boardwalk extends for 300 meters or more with wetlands flora, blue, white, purple and yellow- colourful wildflowers adding texture to the scenery of  your hike. Installed by the Avon Trail maintenance crew a number of years back, it remains in great condition. You will appreciate it at anytime of the year on this all seasons trail. You emerge from the bush and cross over a drainage dish / creek.  Continuing, the path becomes wider on higher ground. You traverse a berm first with the water to the east and fields and woods on the west. You climb over a stile and follow the blazes turning left, heading north again. At one point the trail turns right, heading east to Road 108. 

56.2 boardwalk heading north

As always, dress appropriately for the weather. Wear study boots.

Once you reach Road 108, retrace your steps back to Line 37. Turn right, head east to your parked car.  You have completed your 4.1 km hike. Lynn River Farm products are great. I recommend you pay them a visit.


Tom Kimber