Takeaways from the Annual General Meeting of the Avon Trail on November 17, 2020:

  • Review of Guest speaker’s talk
  • New Board members welcomed
  • Special awards  presented

This Annual General Meeting was held in a virtual format using ZOOM with all participants at home participating through their computer screens.

Avon Trail President Jane Foster chaired the meeting. She welcomed the attendees (approximately 30) to this meeting held under constraints due to the pandemic. After some technical tweaks were made, Jane introduced the guest speaker. Terri LeRoux, President of Hike Ontario and Senior Manager, PARCS (Property, Assets, Recreation and Conservation Areas) with Credit Valley Conservation. Terri gave a thought provoking address on the many affects COVID-19 has had on trails in Ontario.

(To read  a review of Terri’s LeRoux’s presentation, CLICK HERE).

Certificates of Merit were displayed to be presented by Avon Trail President Jane Foster to :

  • Ted Derry
  • David Williamson
  • Bruce Graham
  • Maria Antonio

Ted was recognized for the leadership he displayed in the Bamberg Bridge development project. David had for many years provided quartermaster duties to Avon Trail in the storage of maintenance tools and equipment. Bruce is known for his tireless work as Trail Captain. Maria was honored for her six years as Treasurer.

We say goodbye to Board members Tracy and Maria who have completed their terms. Although,  Maria kindly agreed to stay on as Treasurer until a replacement is found. We welcome new Board members Rene Lehnen who  assumes the Secretary role and Tevor Paetkau along with Jane Eligh-Feryn who will be directors at large.

New Avon Trail Board for 2021

This is the board composition for 2020-2021

Avon Trail Board of Director 2020-2021
President: Jane Foster
Past President: Bernard Goward
Vice President: Carol Miller
Secretary: Renee Lehnen new
Treasurer: Maria Antonio (acting in temp role until new Treasurer appointed)
Terry Aitken
Ted Derry
Donna Weitzel
Meg Westley
Trevor Paetkau new
Jane Eligh-Feryn new

Tom Kimber