This is a story in the series of “Trail Sections along the Avon Trail”. It was written in  July and updated in August. The Tuesday Morning Ramblers walked this section August 17.

Are you ready for a short hike to a sulphur spring and back along the Avon Trail? Let’s go.

This 5.3 km hike begins at line 14 & Perth Rd 122. Park on the north side of Line 14, then cross Perth Rd 122 to the 10.6 km trail entrance. The terrain can be uneven in places, so I recommend hiking with a walking pole. Heading southwest along a copse separating farm fields, you will pass by apple trees. At this time of the season, apples will be underfoot in places. Do not be alarmed by a large white object encountered along the path. No, not a hornets’ nest, rather a puff ball mushroom. Continuing along the path, you descend along a farm trail in the woods. Prepare for a right turn into a woodlot. The trail continues in elevation to a higher level entrance to a farm field. Follow the blazes along the farm field until you reach a descent to line 9. On your left will be a wild growth of black-eyed susies waving at you in the breeze.

Stay on the north side of Line 9 as you head east for 500 meters, crossing Trout Creek (along the bridge road section) to the McCully’s Hill farm store. You will see a turn blaze here.
Carefully prepare to cross Line 9 (traffic can be heavy at times). The trail follows the Lake Trail into Wildwood Conservation Area. Hikers share this section with cyclists. Continuing along this trail as it gains in elevation from Trout Creek into pine trees of Wildwood. You will not see blazing, but users have worn down the path as you head southeast towards the Wildwood Dam Discharge Aerator, which is visible from a distance. The nearby Sulphur Spring site remains hidden by tall grass but accessible to the intrepid hiker.

You will find a picnic table in this area. Stop. Have some water and refreshments (you did remember to bring this along)? Then retrace your steps back to your parked car on Line 14 to complete your hike.

Tom Kimber