Guest speaker Catherine Young with honey

Tuesday evening, November 22, Catherine Young, Avon Trail landowner and aviary specialist, gave the Avon Trail AGM talk at the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans Unit 261 Inc in Stratford.

Ms. Young is the Backyard Honey Company owner. She discussed beehive management and brought a sample of her honey products to the AGM for purchase. During the Avon Trail business section of the meeting, current President Jane Foster stepped down, having completed her term. Bruce Graham was announced as the incoming 2022/2023 Avon Trail President. Tracy Halliwell is stepping into the role of Avon Trail Vice-President.

Ms. Young’s presentation was well received by an audience of more than 50 members.

Outgoing president Jane Foster opened the meeting. Bruce Graham asked if anyone wanted to step forward and take over Jane’s president role, and then he did just that. Tracy Halliwell agreed to become the vice president.

Retiring President Jane Foster
Retiring president Jane Foster
New VP and President
New VP and President


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