Tuesday Morning Rambles are back. See the Event Calendar for details.

Please show respect to the landowners of the fields and woodlots by observing the Avon Trail guide rules for public use.

• No motorized vehicles or bicycles unless otherwise permitted.
• Hike only along marked routes. Do not take shortcuts.
• Do not climb fences or open gates; use the stiles.
• Respect the privacy of the people living along the trail.
• Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy. Protect trees and shrubs.
• Never strip off the bark.
• Protect and do not disturb wildlife or farm animals. Please do not feed them.
• Keep dogs on a leash at all times.
• Leave the trail cleaner than you found it. Carry out all litter.
• No camping or fires are permitted.
• Leave only your footprints. Take only photographs.

Know if the trail section allows hiking (sometimes reserved for X-country skiing only). Click on the Re-Routes button for details.

For a list of short hikes in the Stratford area and other hiking trails, click HERE.