A Look Back

Twenty-five Years Ago, Avon Trail Celebrated its 20th Anniversary Excerpts from the Avon Trail Newsletter, Winter 1996.  The Winter 1996 edition of the Avon Trail News featured an account of the special Anniversary Hikes and barbeque held in the fall of 1995 at Wildwood Conservation Area.  President Jim Fischer wrote  “The past year has been (more…)

Finding the Avon Trail Trees

In 2015 for Avon Trail’s 40th Anniversary, members took on a project – 40 Trees for 40 Years. The goal was to plant trees along the trail in commemoration. Alas, 25 trees, and not 40 made it into the ground, mostly on private landowners’ land, but some on municipal property (St.Marys, Conestogo). How many of (more…)

Ken Ferguson

I first met Donna when she joined us on Avon Trail hikes.  Not long after I met her husband, Ken.  We called him ‘Big Ken’.  He also joined us on hikes, and, when carpooling, always preferred to drive.  Being a truck driver by vocation, Ken knew back roads like the back of his hand.  It (more…)

Ken Ferguson Memorial Tree Along the Trail

On a hot, sunny June morning, a hardy 12 foot  maple tree was planted in memory of longtime Avon Trail member and trail volunteer Ken Ferguson. When interviewed, Board President Jane Foster said that the board felt such a tree should be easily accessible and not on a landowner’s private property. (Click here to read (more…)