Avon Trail Tales Newsletter Edition 2 May 2021

Welcome to the Avon Trail Tales Newsletter, Issue 2 of 2021. Spring came early and stays long now. Waiting is our most common past-time. We are waiting for an end to the troubling pandemic conditions that hold us back from group activities. Please hike following health guidelines and Avon Trail COVID-19 protocols. We look for (more…)

Walkers Wanted on the Loop

Making a new trail section where none exists occurs in multiple stages. It begins with landscape surveys to bring out a choice path through this woodlot winding from the entrance to the exit. Following the pink-ribboned way plotted by the surveyors, a team of hard-working volunteers cut and trim to create the route. Next, the (more…)

A Whistle Stop Along the Trail – km 3.3

Hiking through fields and woods enjoying nature is at the heart of the Avon Trail. Still, as our trail meanders from St Marys to Conestogo, there are a few more urban places to explore. Many have come to enjoy the coffee shops and eateries to be found in St Marys as the beginning or endpoint (more…)

Passing by a Lighthouse – Trailhead 4.9

This is a story in the series of “Trail Sections along the Avon Trail”. Before you begin, ensure you know the trailheads’ location and safe parking spots. Get your ONDAGO mobile map or hardcopy Avon Trail Guide Book. Trailhead 4.9 – 8.5 Walking on a trail provides me with an escape from the stress that (more…)