Don’t miss Avon Trail newsletters and alerts by whitelisting the address to make sure they are not accidentally blocked. 

Here we provide step-by-step instructions on how to do it in Gmail by creating a filter. If you are using another email client there will be similar settings to whitelist. 

  1. Login to Gmail, click on the gear icon in the top right and select “Settings” and then “See all Settings”
  2. Select “Filters and blocked addresses”
  3. Scroll past all your existing filters and select “Create a new filter”
  4. Add the email address that you want to whitelist to the “From” field. Add
  5. Check the “Never send to spam” box and click “Create Filter”. The email address will now be whitelisted!

Whitelisting A Whole Domain
In ‘Step 4’ we whitelisted a single email address. It’s also possible to whitelist all emails from a domain. Adding to the “From” field to whitelist every email address belonging to