Congratulations! You now belong to a group of people who appreciate and want to protect our environment while enjoying the camaraderie of a hiking club.

There are lots of ways to participate, from joining in on organized hikes, to helping with trail maintenance, and volunteering as one of the officers who help keep the club as a smoothly operating organization.

You have indicated on the membership form that you have read and agree to the Trail Users’ Code. As a Trail, we are indebted to the generosity of our many landowners and wish to respect that relationship.

As a member, you will receive a membership card, a tax receipt, a monthly newsletter and a hike schedule three times a year. Emails alert members of upcoming hikes, information and offers of interest to the hiker. You will also receive access to the Members Only section of our website. You are welcome to attend and bring a friend to the Members meetings held three times a year at which there is often a special speaker. As a member, you may participate in the business of the club by voting for officers as well as offering yourself for one of the elected positions. Members also receive a discount on Avon Trail Guides with colour map.

Happy Trails,

Bernard Goward, President
Maria Antonio, Treasurer