Trail Monitor Report

Two (2), or more of these reports are to be filled out preferably in the Spring by end of May and the Fall (end of October).  The report may be completed on-line, or downloaded and mailed or emailed to the Trail Monitor Captain.  These reports are mandated by our insurance carrier and will be referred to in the event of an incident on the trail.

Blazing is best done in June when the leaves are out and grass cutting should be done in May and again in late August.

Indicate km when referring to a concern.

TRAIL ENDPOINTS                           Start (KM): _______                       End (KM): _______

NAME OF REPORT WRITER: _____________________________

TRAIL PATHWAY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Spring                       Fall

Trimming done so path is reasonable width and height                                   ___                        ___

Trimmings cleared well off trail                                                                          ___                        ___

Raspberries and weeds cut down                                                                     ___                        ___

Dead limbs removed                                                                                         ___                        ___

Dead trees and limbs removed                                                                         ___                        ___

List any hazards that need attention [specify km]

BLAZING                                                                                                      Spring                      Fall    

Blazes bright and in sufficient numbers                                                            ___                        ___

Blazes can be seen in all seasons, in both directions                                       ___                        ___

Blaze posts are standing and visible                                                                 ___                        ___

Metal or plastic blazes fastened to posts                                                          ___                        ___


Avon Trail signs at all access points                                                                ___                        ___


Steps safe                                                                                                        ___                        ___

Boardwalks safe                                                                                              ___                        ___

Bridges safe                                                                                                     ___                        ___

Stiles safe                                                                                                        ___                        ___

List any new structures or repairs needed [specify km]   ________________________________

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