Trail head access points – a sampling.
The following 7 trail heads comprise a brief listing only of all the places the Avon Trail is accessed along its 113 km length from St. Marys to Conestogo. Try out the trail; if you like what you find, consider purchasing edition 7.5 of the Avon Trail Guide containing detailed information about all trail head locations. The Trail Guide is available at or at the Stratford Tourism office, Fanfare Books, St. Marys Tourism or other locations listed on our website. Your purchase supports ongoing trail maintenance by dedicated volunteers.

Many trail heads are marked with a small 4” x 4” diamond sign at the road side.
Once at a Trail head, look for and follow the 2” x 6” white blazes (main Trail) painted on trees or poles, or blue blazes for the Stratford Side Trail.

Please respect the Trail Users Code:
• No motorized vehicles or bicycles unless otherwise permitted.
• Hike only along marked routes. Do not take shortcuts.
• Do not climb fences or open gates; use the stiles.
• Respect the privacy of the people living along the trail.
• Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy. Protect trees and shrubs.
• Never strip off bark.
• Protect and do not disturb wildlife or farm animals. Do not feed them.
• Keep dogs on a leash at all times.
• Leave the trail cleaner than you found it. Carry out all litter.
• No camping or fires are permitted.
• Leave only your footprints. Take only photographs.

1. Wildwood CA – on Line 9, about 100 m east of McCully’s Hill Farm on the south side of road (43.267330,-81.080712). This is a trail head for the Wildwood Lake Trail (Blue markers) which the Avon Trail follows heading east for the next 10 km. While Line 9 is a busy road with fast traffic, there are wide shoulders enabling hikers to pull well off the road for safe parking.
2. Oxford Line 29, about 800 m south of the Perth-Oxford Rd. on Line 29, just before the bridge across Wildwood Lake (43.256022,-81.023323). The Trail goes west and east from points within 100 m of each other. Follow the white blazes.
3. Perth-Oxford Rd., about 1.8 km west of Fairview on the Embro Rd. (43.27604,-80.9849)
Head south from this trail head for a lovely walk parts of which travel along Trout Creek ending up on Line 33 – about 2 km
4. Bimini Loop on Embro Rd. (43.296487,-80.973431) Trail head is about 200 m south of Embro Rd. & Perth Line 20. Trail heads go both east and west of each other, the east trail head being less than 100 m south of the west bound trail. The west bound trail is a loop.
5. Perth Line 29 about 400 m east of Rd. 111 (43.333797,-80.932663) Head north from this point, travelling two full concessions, ending up on Forest Rd. about 200 m east of the Forest Motel, on the outskirts of Stratford.
6. Forest Rd. trail head ( 43.365889,-80.928523) Head south toward Line 29. At the south end, the trail follows a private driveway to Line 29, crosses the road and continues in a southerly direction.
7. Perth Rd. 110, about 500 m south of Line 37/Vivian Rd. or 1.4 km north of Hwy 7/8 (43.383872,-80.912526). The trail heads east just north of the bridge over the Avon River. Travel to the next Concession, Rd. 109 (do not park on Rd. 109 as it is very busy with gravel trucks), cross over the river at the bridge and carry on to Rd. 108, having crossed Line 37 along the way. This route takes the hiker along the Cedar Bush Boardwalk ending on Rd. 108 about 1 km north of Line 37 – about 4 km. There is parking at Rd. 110 and Rd. 108 but not on Rd. 109 or on Line 37 (narrow shoulders).