Lobb Trail Hike, Saturday, May 11

Renee led an interesting hike along this privately owned tract along the south bank of the Maintland River.   The trail features several hills and an historic remnant of a 19th century pottery works.  Seventeen hikers enjoyed the spring flowers and the beautiful trails through mature woodlot on a sunny but temperate day.  Lunch was a welcome stop at Wallys in Clinton en route home.

Schneider’s Woods South and New Organic Loop, Saturday, May 18. 

Bruce Graham planned this hike; fourteen came along to enjoy the trails on the south side of Carmel-Koch Rd..  Bruce did an admirable job in leading us through the maze of trails, replete with steep hills at every turn.  Our fearless leader assured us on several occasions that he knew exactly where we were, “Somewhere in Southwestern Ontario!”  The Organic Loop, just a kilometer west of the the Schneider trails, is a delightful addition to the trail, featuring a 300m ‘lovers lane’.

Bernard Goward

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