Snow was in the air as twenty-five hikers, eager for a night stroll, set off Tuesday evening Dec 10 on this year’s Avon Trail Christmas Lights walk.
We had gathered in Stratford at the Shoppers Drug parking lot as a full winter moon cast its pale glow.
Our route took us west along Ontario St. to Waterloo, and then north to the walkway along the Avon River. By now, the snow was glistening as it fell, creating a fairyland atmosphere. Tramping along the river walkway in the snow, we found the river itself bustling with waterfowl, calling out to one another and us.
Next, we headed towards the Bruce Hotel, where we posed for a group photo. Then west along Ontario St. to Front St and then south to Brunswick St.
Some house windows along Ontario St shone with Christmas lights. More were seen along Front St and Brunswick St.
But, in my opinion, it was the falling snowflakes sparkling in the street lighting along the Lakeside Drive and the river that captured the festive spirit best.
By 8:00 pm, we merry hikers gathered at Molly Bloom’s Pub on Brunswick St for refreshments and a well deserved social time.