Avon Trail Land Owners Relations officer Terry Aitken is also an intrepid trail blazer. Always on the lookout to add a new trail loop for Avon Trail hikers, Terry along with Bruce Graham explored an area near Forest Rd. Expecting some water might be encountered, Terry came prepared in his Wellies. To see how this turned out, click HERE. 

Terry explained to me that he and Bruce spent the morning trying to figure out the best place to build a floating boardwalk across a swamp. “It proved deeper in places than we expected. Water went over the top of our boots and Bruce fell in. When we made dry land again, Bruce sat at a bench and took off his boots. Because my boots are more difficult to remove, I decided on the shortcut, even though I got a wet backside in the process!”

Thank  you Terry for all you do, from leading Tuesday ramble hikes to finding new Hiking loop sections we can all enjoy.

Tom Kimber,  Newsletter editor