We are seeking enthusiastic persons to join our Avon Trail Board for 2023. Our board consists of 4 executive positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). Five other board members meet with the executive plus the past president at meetings. 

The term of service is two years, although many have been in these roles for much longer.

The following positions will be vacant as of November 2022:  Landowners Relations Officer, Vice President and President.

Landowner Relations: For the 2023 year, we need someone to be our Landowner Relations Representative. This person’s role is to speak to prospective and current landowners as an advocate of the trail and to work with maintenance workers involved in the care of the trail. The interested person would be guided and supported by the Board.
Vice President: This role at the executive level of Avon Trail is currently vacant. The Vice President assists the President in carrying out the duties and work associated with the organization.
President: I wish to step down as President of Avon Trail, having been in this position for three years and on board in other capacities for seven years. The President conducts board
meetings, attend meetings with Hike Ontario (3x yearly) and respond to emails sent to Avon Trail.
Board Meetings are held every second month on average. The annual General Meeting is held in November.
New Board Members are selected BEFORE AGM, and the acceptance voting for the new board for 2023 will occur at AGM.

The AVON TRAIL – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will take place at 7 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2022. The venue will be the Air Force Veterans Hall at 151 Lorne Avenue, Stratford.

I welcome your inquiry about joining our team. You can reach me at info@avontrail.ca

Jane Foster, Avon Trail President