August 8, 2022

Hello fellow hikers!

Thank you for signing up for the Avon Trail-sponsored QUEEN’S PLATINUM JUBILEE HIKE on September 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2022.   As the hike leader, I am writing with important information.  Please read it carefully.

Daily joining instructions:

September 3:

8:10 am at Allman Arena, 15 Morenz Drive, Stratford (A on attached map).  There is parking on the North side of the Arena and Water Street (B on the attached map).  We will gather beside the Morenz drive entrance to the Arena.  Please bring your completed Waiver form with you.

The bus should return us to the Arena by 5:30 pm on this first day.  Please keep in mind that we may run late depending on the speed of the whole group.

September 4:

8:15 am at Allman Arena, 15 Morenz Drive, Stratford. Parking as above.

On this second day, the bus should return us to the Arena by 5:00 pm.

September 5:

8:15 am at Allman Arena, 15 Morenz Drive, Stratford. Parking as above.

On this third day, we walk right back to the Arena.  We should return by 5:00 pm.

Waiver form

Please print and complete the attached Waiver form. Please scan or take a photo of your completed form and email it to   YOU MUST BRING THE ORIGINAL SIGNED FORM ON SEPTEMBER 3rd.


Wear worn in hiking boots or shoes.  Dress according to the weather.  Long pants are preferred as there may be long grass in places. A small backpack, or “day pack,” is suggested to carry a rain jacket, camera or lunch.  Although I have never encountered a Tic in all my many walks in Southwestern Ontario, I have never met a Tic; I suggest you refer to “Cover-up” on the following website:


Bring a lunch on each of the three days.  Please bring water.

The Casper Café is an RV belonging to generous Avon Trail volunteers.  This will meet us at our daily lunch stops. Hot drinks, water for top-ups, fruit and snacks will be ready for us.


The spirit of this hike is that we walk the whole 70 km.  Avon Trail volunteers are on hand at the lunch break to shuttle a few people back to the Arena if a hiker cannot complete a day.

September 5th Gathering

Immediately following our return to the Arena, all hikers will be welcome for celebratory drinks and snacks.   This will be at my house, 126 Water Street, Stratford.  It is about 150 meters south of the Arena parking lot.

Hike leader

Bruce Graham