Takeaways from the Annual General Meeting of the Avon Trail on November 19:

New Avon Trail Board for 2020

Carolyn & Bernard Goward

With bittersweetness,  Bernard Goward stepped down from his role as Avon Trail Board president. Both he and his wife Carolyn have served consecutive two-year terms on the board. Carolyn has acted as  Secretary of the Board and as Membership Co-ordinator since 2016. Both were acknowledged with heartfelt applause and small appreciative gifts for their service.

Current board director Jane Foster has accepted the president’s role for a two-year term.  Carol Miller is continuing her term as Vice-president and as Director of Marketing. Julia Vryheid has accepted the Membership Coordinator role.  Tracy will become Board Secretary. Current Board Treasurer Maria Antonio has agreed to remain in this post for one more year.  Other board members continuing their terms in 2020 are as follows: Terry Aitken – Landowner Relations, Donna Weitzel – Website Posting, Meg Westley – Hike Scheduling and Ted Derry – Trail Maintenance.

Constitutional Amendments Approved

The first describes the revised role to the Trail Captain, the purpose of which is to facilitate the process of how re-routes to the trail are managed.  The second allows for Email notification to members of constitutional amendments. The amendments passed on a vote by the members present.

2020 Avon Trail Calendars

People looking for Avon Trail Calendars can obtain them at either Blowes Stationery or Fanfare Books in Stratford. Avon Trail has sold out if its supply.