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In the Fall of 2012 Avon Trail members assisted Wilmot Township in the development of a trail in Walker Woods near New Hamburg. This trail was a joint effort between the citizens of Wilmot Township and Avon Trail volunteers. It was a wonderful effort and now this trail is open for hiking and snowshoeing. The three pictures immediately below were taken at the Walker Road entrance >> Google Maps approximate location of the Walker Woods Trail entrance on Walker Road (43.360912,-80.707337) | Google Street View of entrance.

Award of Excellence to Roy Walker Roth

In 1992 the Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation named Roy as a recipient of its "Awards of Excellence". The Awards of Excellence, inaugurated in 1983, are intended to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals, institutions and organizations to heritage preservation in Waterloo Region, in such areas as archaeology, archives, culture, education, genealogy, history, literature, media, natural history and others.



Volunteers Build Trail in Walker Woods


Shown above are 8 Avon Trail Maintenance crew and about 14 Wilmot Township volunteers from two different days. After a workshop in the Stonecroft Recreation Centre (behind group) on how to build and maintain trails, the crews headed out to build the trail. Far left in the green jacket is Andrew Martin, Planner, Wilmot Township, the initiator of the project. [Picture credit: Bernard]

Walker Woods

There were 4 or 5 crews each consisting of a couple of Avon Trail maintenance crew and 3 or 4 Wilmot Township volunteers. They learned about trail clearing and blazing. The young lady (centre in the bottom right picture) is a high school student earning credit towards her volunteer hours requirement for graduation. There were about 30 Wilmot volunteers over two days. [Pictures credit: Bernard]

Walker Woods

Different teams worked at different points on the trail. Wilmot Township volunteer (left) shakes hands with Luke deBrabandere, Avon Trail (right). The handshake represents the two perimeter groups meeting, thus completing the 3.5 km perimeter trail being cleared and blazed. [Picture credit: Bernard]


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Trail Details

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