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The Avon Trail is maintained by member volunteers. Without them there would be no Trail. No experience is needed, just come out and enjoy the fellowship and fresh air. The following describe the areas where volunteer help is needed. Let us know if you would like to volunteer with us! If you are interested, speak to a Board member or e-mail us at info@avontrail.ca


1) The Trail

Trail Coordinator: This volunteer coordinates and oversees all activity on the trail including trail maintenance and hike activity. He/she will recruit volunteers to fill the Trail Monitor positions and promote the hike leader course and chain safety course. The role includes submitting a report to the AGM on changes in trail location, trail improvements, number of work parties, volunteer hours, and an inventory of stiles, tools etc.

Trail Monitors: These men or women work in pairs and agree to monitor a section of the Trail, approximately 8 km, twice a year by May 31 and October 31. They keep blazes painted and visible, trim back growth, and report larger jobs to the Trail Coordinator. The Trail monitors fill in a form twice a year to report what has been done and the condition of their section. These reports confirm “due diligence” and are kept for insurance purposes.

Maintenance Crew: A group of men or women who do the bigger jobs of trail maintenance such as building or repairing stiles, bridges and boardwalks. They may be trained to use a brush cutter, or a chain saw. They often meet for breakfast Friday mornings and go out afterwards to complete assigned jobs, always working in pairs.

Grass Cutters: Some sections of the Trail need grass cutting 3x each season (late spring, mid-summer and late summer). We have a lawn mower, and four brush cutters and the safety equipment needed to use them. Training is provided.

Hike Leaders: Certified Hike Leaders lead scheduled hikes. If you are interested in volunteering as a hike leader, speak to a Board member or e-mail info@avontrail.ca to inquire about the full day Hike Leader Certification Courses that are scheduled periodically by Hike Ontario.


2 ) Board of Directors

Board Members: A group of eight board members deal with the business of running the Avon Trail. They meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, about 10 times a year. The executive is made up of the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. Four directors fill out the board. Other responsibilities assumed by the board are hike scheduler, landowner relations liaison, Conservancy, Special Events Coordinator and Hike Ontario Rep (which meets three times a year).

Special Events: Occasionally we have social events such as potlucks, corn roasts, family hikes, special winter events and parades (July 1 and Santa Claus). Also we have held a garage sale fund raiser. Help is appreciated to plan and run these events.

Conservancy Committee - This committee’s objectives include:
• To encourage environmental and conservation activities, such as tree planting, workplace wellness and trail development
• To promote environmental awareness through speakers and presentations to members’ meetings
• To represent the interests of hiking trails to municipal & provincial committees, elected officials, landowners and other outdoor activity groups (Hike Ontario, Ontario Trails Council, Conservation Authorities)


3) Communication

Social Media: Monitor and Maintain the club’s presence on Facebook and MeetUp. This involves posting information about upcoming hikes as directed by the club’s Hike Scheduler, and posting photographs and accounts of activities sent to him/her by the President or his/her designate. There is scope for broadening the club’s social media presence as the competencies of the volunteer allow.

Webmaster: This volunteer maintains the club’s website and posts updates as required of re-routes, hike cancellations, newsletters, and photos. Revisions of the website are required from time to time. (The president approves all information on the web site.)

Newsletter: An eight page Avon Trail Newsletter is published three times a year (March, June, October). It includes the Hike Schedule, news and photos of club activities. A shorter one-page Newsletter is published most other months. Volunteer positions include: editor, writers, photographers, graphics designer, and proof readers.