Trail Reroutes & Closures


Map 02 Trail Description Revision >> Reference km 24.5 – Oxford Line 33 (43.262515,-80.990157)
Where Line 33 flattens the trail turns right(E) crossing a stile to enter a cornfield.  Note: DO NOT ENTER THE HORSE PADDOCK.  After crossing the stile,  proceed along the edge of the field for about 100 meters, hugging the fence. At the end of the horse paddock on your right, dog leg to the right after unlatching the electric fabric gate.  Remember to re-latch the fabric fence, then proceed in the same direction on the other side of the fence, till you reach the stile which crosses onto gravel pit property. Turn left (N) along the gravel pit road ........... etc.


Map 04 Trail Reroute, Edition 7.4 at km 59.6 (posted 2017APR19) >>  Details here.

Map 04 Trail Reroute, Edition 7.4 at km 73.8 (posted 2017MAY06) >>  Details here. new

Map 04 Trail Reroute, Edition 7.0 at km 68.0 (posted 2016MAY08) >>  Details here.