Re-routes to Edition 7.4 Edition    (For Re-routes to the current Edition 7.5, click here )

  1. Re-route at Km 59.6 – Perth Line 43 (43.424843, -80.833007) The trail turns left (W) onto Line 43 and proceeds to Rd. 107 to the flashing amber light at Amulree.  At the intersection, the trail turns right (N) along Road 107 for about 1 km to an iron farm gate on the east side (km 60.9).

km 60.9 – Perth Road 107 (43.432439, -80.838365)  At the iron farm gate, the trail turns right (E) into a wooded area and follows a bush trail in a north-east direction for about 100 m before bending slightly right to head in a south-east direction through a mature hardwood forest, coming close to cropped land on the right but not entering the field. It then bends back to a more easterly direction following this well-established path, passing an abandoned shack on the right, another cleared area on the right (a working gravel pit) where ‘No Trespassing’ signs are posted.  The trail travels along an old snowmobile trail, passes forks in the trail but continues in an easterly direction. About half way through the forest, the trail turns sharp left to cropped land and follows in an easterly direction along the edge of a field before re-entering the woodlot. Once back in the woodlot, the trail continues east up and down a couple of hills, passing abandoned maple sugar equipment, a deep excavated hole and eventually emerges at the south end of cropped land, with Road 106 in sight.  The trail follows the south edge of the field and emerges on Road 106 (km 63.3).

km 63.3 – Perth Road 106 (43.434599, -80.813340) The trail crosses Road 106, turns right (S) along the road, passes over a drainage ditch (Silver Creek) and proceeds for about 50 m.  Here (43.434218, -80.813253) the trail turns left (E) leaving the road and enters the woodlot following a farm vehicle trail in a north-east direction as per the description on the back of Map 04, Edition 7.0 of the Avon Trail Guidebook. Note: Since this reroute increases the length of the trail, the next distance reading on Map 04, Edition 7.0 would be km 66.6 at Road 104 (Lisbon Cemetery) and not km 65.7

  1. Re-route at km 73.8 – Berlett’s Rd/Wilmot Twp 2 (43.455808, -80.739476) The trail turns right (E) and crosses the bridge.  About 100 m on, the trail turns right (S) leaving the road to go down a bank on a bike trail to a field.  At the field, it turns right (W) to the river. The trail turns left (S) and proceeds alternatively along river edge and through woodlot.  Eventually it reaches a small stream, turns left (E) and follows the stream, along a field edge to a culvert.  Crossing this, the trail turns right (W) along the field.  On the left is a bush-filled meteor crater.  It continues through bush and field edge to the corner of the property.  Here the trail turns left and follows the edge of the field till it reaches a bush on the right.  It turns right (E), enters the bush, and proceeds about 150 m to a snowmobile trail.  It crosses a stream on a corduroy bridge, turns right (E) and proceeds about 200 m to another snowmobile trail where it turns left (N). On the right is a small recent sugar shack. The trail then follows the snowmobile trail to Berlett’s Road at km 77.4.

km 77.4 – Berlett’s Rd/Wilmot Twp 2 (43.458493, -80.720464) Straight across the road the trail re-enters the bush on the north side of Berlett’s Road and winds through the bush in a north easterly direction, eventually turning left and emerging to follow a fence line north along the edge of a field.