1.  Re-route  to Map 04 & Map 05,  Ed. 7.5  at approximately Km 73.8– 74.3 

This re-route is in effect at approximately Km 73.8 , about 1.3km east of the trailhead at  Nafziger Rd.  The revised trail description picks up mid-way through the description in the Trail Guide.  “The trail crosses the laneway, …  and then takes a slight jog to the right into a shallow valley.   After 100m the path turns right (S) and rises to a field and follows the field edge for 100m and enters the woods, descending to the Nith River.  It turns left (N) crosses a low plank bridge and follows a small creek before rising to the corner of a field.   (There is no fence or stile here anymore.    Here, the path  joins the old trail northwards along the field with the Nith River on the right [E] continuing  to Berletts Rd. (Km 74.3). ”  

2. Re-route to Map 04 & Map 05, Ed. 7.5, Km 74.3   –  Half way through the text description, following the existing text … “On the left is a bush-filled meteor crater” please follow insert … It [the path] reenters the bush beside the river, crosses a bridge, then proceeds up a gentle slope on an old 4 wheel drive trail, before it turns left (E) and proceeds along the berm, before descending to the field where it crosses a tiny culvert near the edge of the field.  It then turns back into the bush briefly (N) before following the edge of the field till it reaches the bush on the right.  Resume old text.  “It turns right (E), enters the bush, and proceeds……” 

3.  Re-route to Map 06, Ed. 7.5,  east from Km 97.1 at approximately  Km 98.2 (“t the ditch crossing).  The revised trail description picks up mid-way through the description in the Trail Guide.  “… where it [the trail] jogs right (S) along a drainage ditch ….for 200 meters to Benjamin Road.  There it turns East (Left) along Benjamin Road.  After 100m, opposite Westmount Road, the trail turns North (Left) at the end of the deep ditch and by keeping the deep ditch on the left, it follows the ditch first West, then North to re-join the existing Avon Trail.

4.  Map 04, Ed. 7.5 Re-route  at  approx. Km 66   The revised trail description picks up mid-way through the section:   “The trail turns right (S) along Rd 106 ….Just before reaching the field, the trail turns left across a fence via a stile, and then right (S) to the corner of the field where it turns left (E) along the edge of the field with the fence on the right. … At the farm lane way, the trail turns right (S) with the fence on the left.  It continues to the south end of the field, turns left (E) through a gap in the fence, and continues east along the southern fence line toward the woodlot.  Here, the trail turns left (N) along the edge of the field with the woods on the right, about 300m to a stile, where the trail then turns right (E) over a stile and enters a hardwood bush …. where it winds through the bush and out to Perth Road 104. The trail turns left (N) along Road 104 for a short distance.”