1.  Re-route – Map 02, Ed. 7.5  Km 37.0 to 41.9   Harmony Re-route.   Note: this re-route has been ribboned but is not yet blazed.  Perth Rd 112 (43.406522,-80.949412)  The trail crosses the road and proceeds east through hardwood forest for about 600m then continues easterly through a grove of conifers to emerge on Perth Rd 111. It then turns left(N)  and proceeds along Rd111 for 1.8km crossing Perth Line 26. After crossing a small bridge, turn right(NE) to follow Trout Creek to a drain. At the drain turn left(N) to the edge of the field, then turn right to follow the edge of the field to a north-south line of trees. Turn left(N) and proceed along the tree line till the bush is reached. Turn left (W) and proceed a few meters before turning right(N) to enter the bush. After about 10 meters turn right to join the existing 4 wheel drive road that curls round to emerge on Perth LIne 29. Turn right (E) and walk 100 meters to 41.9  (posted April 6, 2019)
  2.  Re-route  to Map 04 & Map 05,  Ed. 7.5

Km 72.5  -Nafziger Rd. (43. 447445,-80.74875)  The trail turns right along the road for about 100m and turns left (E) at the entrance to the Khaki Club.  (Do not park on the Khaki Club lane way).  After passing the club buildings, the trail proceeds to the east end of the horseshoe pits and enters a hardwood forest.  It then winds gently right (E) through the bush, exits at a field and goes straight ahead through the swale between two cropped fields to a farm lane way.  At the lane way it takes a slight jog to the right into a shallow valley.   This area has been recently planted with a mixture of GRCA coniferous and deciduous seedlings – take care to avoid stepping on them.    After 100m the path turns right (S) and rises to a field and follows the field edge for 100m and enters the woods, descending to the Nith River.  It turns left (N) crosses a low plank bridge and follows a small creek before rising to the corner of a field.   Take a moment to rest on the rustic bench at the top of the hill.   It proceeds (N) along the edge of the pasture, over stiles.  Enjoy the pasturing cattle, but do not approach any.  At the north end of the field, it crosses over a stile to descend a steep terrain towards the Nith River and then north, emerging at Berlett’s Rd.  Note the signage on the protective barrier near the roadside.

2.  Re-route to Map 04 & 05,  Ed. 7.5      Re-route Km 74.3 to 77.4 along Berlett’s Rd.  Description west to east.

Upon emerging from field and brush onto Berlett’s Rd.  at Km 74.3, the trail is re-routed  to proceed east along Berlett’s Rd for 1.75 km to Km. 77.4, where the trail turns north into a mature woodlot.

Date of re-route posting on website: Feb. 22, 2019

3.  Map 04, Ed. 7.5 Re-route  at  Km 63.1   Perth Rd. 106/Bridge (43.434652,-80.813232) –  The trail turns right (S) along Rd. 106 a short distance passing over the creek via a small concrete bridge and turns left (E) and follows the south bank of the creek on a farmer’s access road.  (This area tend to be wet at certain times of the year.)  It skirts the north edge of a field.  At the corner of the field it turns right,then left at a stile and enters a bush into a potentially wet area.  It crosses a small bridge and heads right (E) along the edge of a field toward an opening in the bush.  The trail passes along a grass lane way within the bush continuing east to a dirt lane where it turns right (S) along the east edge of a bush.  Just before reaching the field, the trail turns left across a fence via a stile, and then right (S) to the corner of the field where it turns left (E) along the edge of the field with the fence on the right.   At the farm lane way, the trail turns right (S) with the fence on the left.  It continues to the south end of the field, turns left (E) through a gap in the fence, and continues east along the southern fence line toward the woodlot.  Here, the trail turns left (N) along the edge of the field with the woods on the right, about 300m, where the trail then turns right (E) over a stile and enters a hardwood bush where it winds through the bush and out to Perth Road 104. The trail turns left (N) along Road 104 for a short distance.

4. Drumlin Re-route, Km 79.5, Berlett’s Rd. – Proceed about 2 km east from Sandhills Rd and Berlett’s Rd corner (km 79.5). Turn left (N) and follow the field edge to the back corner. Turn right (E) and proceed along the back boundary of the property. Turn right again (S) and follow the edge of the field to a substantial hill. Ascend this through the bush. At the highest point there is a path to the right (W) that leads to a lookout.  Proceed down the hill through the bush to the edge of field, about 50 m from the road. Follow the edge of the field past an old well to the road. Turn left and follow the road to the corner of Berlett’s Rd and Notre Dame Rd).  (Posted 08Apr2019)