Hello to our Landowners!

BULLETIN 6 - posted 2016 MAY 19

Avon Trail president asks province to consider tax break for property owners who give permission for trails >>>  DOWNLOAD HERE or Beacon Herold online story here


BULLETIN 5 - posted 2016 MAY 13

Avon Trail presentation to the Standing Committee on Policy & Justice, re: Bill 100 >>> DOWNLOAD HERE


BULLETIN 4 - posted 2016 APR 21

Ontario Trails Council: Benefits of Bill 100. >>> MEDIA RELEASE


BULLETIN 3 - posted 2016 MAR 22

Bill Walker, MPP, pertaining to Bill 100 (Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act). >>> MEDIA RELEASE


BULLETIN 2 - posted 2016 MAR 02

Ontario Trails Council Continues to Correct Misinformation about Bill 100. >>> PRESS RELEASE


BULLETIN 1 - posted 2016 FEB 21

Ontario Trails Council Responds to Erroneous reporting on Bill 100. Please click on the following link for the statement and for the Minister Of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Coteau’s statement about the intent of Bill 100. >>> PRESS RELEASE


Thank You Landowners

Members of the Avon Trail feel we have a special and valued relationship with the Owners of the Land we cross on our hikes.

We wanted this part of our website to reflect our intent to stay in communication with you and give you an opportunity to communicate with us. 

You will find links below to a number of topics that might be of interest to you and reflect our commitment to establish better lines of communication. 

If you follow these links you will find a document, ‘Land Use Agreement with Owners’, which is the starting point of our relationship with our landowners. 

Also you will find a copy of the ‘Guide for Trail Workers’, and ‘Summary of Insurance Policies’, our ‘Risk Management Policy’ and other items of interest to a landowner. These documents describe what we do to maintain the trail to as close to the standards of the Bruce Trail as we are able.

You will also find a Checklist which gives you an opportunity to communicate with us about your questions, comments or concerns.  If you have an email address that you would like to share with us, we would be happy to communicate with you that way. Your email address will never be used for any other reason other than to communicate with you.

Otherwise – good old Canada Post will work.

Thank you, again, from all of us with the Avon Trail who cherish so much the privilege of hiking across your land. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Arrow Right 03_SummaryOfInsurance-RiskManagementPolicy.pdf
Arrow Right 04_RiskManagementProgram.pdf
Arrow Right 05_TrailWorkersGuide.pdf
Arrow Right 06_LandownerCheckList.pdf
Arrow Right 07_TrailUsersCode.pdf
Arrow Right 08_WaiverForHikes.pdf
Arrow Right 09_TrailMaintenanceCrewWaiver.pdf