Join The Avon Trail

  Trail User's Code

  • Swan No motorized vehicles
  • Swan Hike only along marked routes. Do not take shortcuts.
  • Swan Do not climb fences or open gates; use the stiles.
  • Swan Respect the privacy of the people living along the trail.
  • Swan Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy. Protect trees and shrubs. Never strip off bark.
  • Swan Protect and do not disturb wildlife, or farm animals. Do not feed them.
  • Swan Keep dogs on a leash at all times.
  • Swan Leave the trail cleaner than how you found it. Carry out all litter.
  • Swan No camping or fires are permitted.
  • Swan Remember: You use the trail at your own risk.
  • Swan Leave only footprints, take only photographs.


Membership is open to anyone willing to abide by the Trail User's Code. Throughout the year members receive newsletters which provide information regarding:

Arrow Right group activities (hikes, cross-country ski outings)
Arrow Right trail re-routes and trail grooming activities
Arrow Right meetings, slide presentations
Arrow Right general interest items including information from or about other hiking organizations

Membership Cards

Avon Trail members should always carry their membership card with them as they hike on the trails in the Upper Thames River Conservation Area at Wildwood Park. Your membership card no longer gains you free access and parking at the entrance gate, but does give you free access to enter the park at any of the marked trail heads to Wildwood, for example: km 8.7, km 13.7, km 17.1 & km 18.5 (refer to your Avon Trail Guide, 7th Edition, 4th printing for these marked trail heads).

Fiscal Year

The business of the organization is dealt with by a Board of Directors. An Annual General Meeting is held in November. The membership and fiscal year end is October 31.

Membership Fees

Arrow Right Adult $25.00
Arrow Right Family $35.00
Arrow Right Student $20.00
Arrow Right Youth/Other Organization $30.00

Membership Application

Download the application here (PDF). This application may be used for people applying for the first time as well as for renewing ones membership.


Your donations help preserve the Avon Trail. Donations are tax deductible and receipts are issued for donations of more than $10.00. Please visit the Donate web page for ideas and an application.