Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Arrow Right Do I have to be a member to join in the hikes?

No, you are welcome to come as a guest. You can decide later if you want to join. Our members vary in age and background, but all share an interest in being active outdoors. Members receive quarterly newsletters with the schedule of hikes. We try to schedule a variety of hikes with varying degrees of difficulty and duration. Some are short, two hour hikes while others are 5 to 6 hours in length. Some hikes end with a social hour at a local pub or restaurant.

Arrow Right Do I have to wear hiking shoes or boots?

Hiking boots are a definite asset, but for many of the shorter hikes, comfortable walking shoes are acceptable.

Arrow Right How do I join a hike?

On the hike schedule a contact person will be listed. Call or e-mail the person. He/She will be able to answer any questions you have about the hike and give you more specific information about the meeting place.

Arrow Right Are there poisonous plants along the trail?

Like any footpath in Ontario there may be some plants along the trail that are potentially dangerous in some way. Some people have hiked for years and not had any problem with poisonous plants. These experienced hikers learn to recognize and avoid the poisonous species when they first start hiking. Poison ivy and giant hogweed (a more recent introduced species) are two plants you should learn to recognize and avoid. The best way to learn what they look like is to attend hikes and have someone show the plant(s) to you. But before hiking you may wish to learn more by reading the Plants Along the Avon Trail web page.

Arrow Right Coordinates: 43.296425,-80.973462

What are those big numbers in the new Avon Trail Guide? They are the latitude and longitude of a location on the earth. Arrow Details here.