Camera Ready, Aim, Shoot – Pics Still Needed

Calling all photographers. We need your help. Several pictures of specific locations and buildings found along the Avon Trail are needed to add to the  “POINTS OF INTEREST” on the ONDAGO app. Each of the six separate Maps contained in edition 8.0 (and in the earlier editions) along with the Stratford Side Trail Map contain (more…)

Notes from the May 2018 Board Meeting

Notes from the May 2018 Avon Trail Board meeting Tom Miller Memorial Tree is being planted this spring in the St. Marys Memorial Forest, Wildwood CA.  A dedicatory service will be held the last Sunday in August to which all are invited The Board enthusiastically accepted Brian Tarr’s proposal to ‘Adopt a Highway’. Brian is (more…)

Avon Trail Adopts a Highway

AVON TRAIL ADOPTS A HIGHWAY. In 2018, the Avon Trail  joined the  “Adopt a Highway Program”,  in part fulfilling its environmental mandate. After negotiations with the Ministry of Transport, we were assigned the section of highway No. 7 & 8 from the east side of Stratford to Perth County Road 109, a distance 3.0 km. (more…)