Avon Trail Guide 8.0 is Ready

HOT OFF THE PRESS! The Avon Trail Guide Edition 8.0 with six new re-routes has hit the shelves. The guide is in full color with trail descriptions. Seven kilometers of trail have been added. Road walking sections have been reduced. The cost is $15 for members, $20 for non-members. Two ways for you to order (more…)


Planning on completing the Avon Trail end-to-end? This formidable achievement can be done in small stages. Keep a log of the section(s) you walk and the date(s) completed. When done, send us an email listing your accomplishment. Send email to avontrailmail@gmail.com The badge can be purchased from www.AvonTrail.ca/Shop , at the Avon Trail website.  


Rogue blazing and ribboning of unauthorized trail routes has occurred in the Schneider’s Bush on Carmel-Koch Rd. The Schneider family has asked us to be on the lookout as we walk this section for persons doing this. If you happen across somone doing this, do not be confrontational. Simply ask what they are doing. Then (more…)


Avon Trail is looking for a special volunteer, one with some expertise with small engines who could help service our two grass cutting machines in Waterloo, at the east end of the trail. The machines area a Bear Cat and a Stihl Trimmer. (see  pictures). If you live at this end of the trail and (more…)