In 2018, the Avon Trail  joined the  “Adopt a Highway Program”,  in part fulfilling its environmental mandate. After negotiations with the Ministry of Transport, we were assigned the section of highway No. 7 & 8 from the east side of Stratford to Perth County Road 109, a distance 3.0 km.

This is a worthwhile section for the Avon Trail to adopt as it is the last section of road before entering Stratford from the east and is adjacent to part of the Avon Side Trail. Cleaning up the garbage along this section will enhance the impression visitors have as they approach the city.

Each clean-up event requires about 10 volunteers. There is considerable emphasis on safety which is provided in the training and guideline resources.  Follow the links provided below to view these resources. 

These resources, which are available on the Avon Trail website are:

The estimated time to do the roadside clean-up is 1.5 to 2 hours. On completion, team members are invited to enjoy  some social time together.

We are excited about this opportunity to participate and contribute to this valuable program – helping keep Canada clean.