A Look Back

Twenty-five Years Ago, Avon Trail Celebrated its 20th Anniversary Excerpts from the Avon Trail Newsletter, Winter 1996.  The Winter 1996 edition of the Avon Trail News featured an account of the special Anniversary Hikes and barbeque held in the fall of 1995 at Wildwood Conservation Area.  President Jim Fischer wrote  “The past year has been (more…)

Ken Ferguson

I first met Donna when she joined us on Avon Trail hikes.  Not long after I met her husband, Ken.  We called him ‘Big Ken’.  He also joined us on hikes, and, when carpooling, always preferred to drive.  Being a truck driver by vocation, Ken knew back roads like the back of his hand.  It (more…)

Dick and Jane Pullin, Honourary Member Award

Volunteerism is the heart of the Avon Trail. Dick and Jane Pullin are the essence of what it means to be readily available volunteers. When you’ve been involved with the Avon Trail for as long as Dick and Jane, you adapt with the times and changing needs of the club. That’s been the story of (more…)

Avon Trail AGM 2018 Minutes

Avon Trail Annual General Meeting Minutes,    November 20, 2018 Present for speaker – 63,    Present for Business part of AGM – 47 The president, Bernard Goward, welcomed those present. Motion – M/S Meg Westley, Pat Feryn that the agenda be adopted as presented. Carol Miller introduced our guest speaker, Nicola Ross author or (more…)